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jason1637 said:
Intrinsic said:

Not saying FF15 is gonna do wonders, but the bolded part of your post is just BS. 

Remember destiny? Or even the bundled COD games on the PS4, or watchdogs....... none of those were exclusives.... look what they did for PS4 sales.

Lastly, because you can say something (no matter how outlandish it is) doesn't make it true.

Destiny,CoD, Watch Dogs were all big bundles that were easy to aquire while the FFXV bundle had a very limited run. Lets not also forget that those games appeal to a larger audience in the US than FF and they had MP which FFXV does not.

You can also argue that those looking for a ff15 game aren't your typical destiny, call of duty gamers.  Those who doesn't have a current gen console that are looking for a jrpg are more likely to get a ps4 because jrpg is more associated with playstation than xbox, hence why even when xb360 had a bigger install base, the ps3 version still sold way better in US.  If the allocation is gonna be bigger now compare to last gen  console, you can't assume those 80% are existing ps4 owners. some of them gonna be new customers.  In other words, those looking to upgrade that are also looking for a ff15 type of games are more inclined to get a ps4 especially when ff7 remake will be playable first on ps4.  Now december is too big to be decided by one game.  Any other low month like march would make a bigger difference than december.