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Snoopy said:
LivingMetal said:

Eight years ago...  Are you really that petty?

I remember the outrage and people here going crazy. I remember there was Sony fans who wanted to commit suicide over this. People here right now are trying to state that ff15 was a wasted effort on Xbox one which isn't true. Selling over a million in fw week is an achievement only a few games to get accomplish and it help ff15 to be the most successful ff game to date.

I wasn't following gaming news back then.

But Final Fantasy is a very popular game that always sold almost 10 millions of units on Playstation alone. After all the efforts that Square Enix had in marketing this game for the Xbox One.

The game sent 5 millions of units to stores, with 80/20 on the Uk, the game is probably 85/15 oe 90/10 Worldwide. Over 550-750 thousands for the Xbox version, including digital.