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LivingMetal said:
Snoopy said:

I remember the outrage and people here going crazy. I remember there was Sony fans who wanted to commit suicide over this. People here right now are trying to state that ff15 was a wasted effort on Xbox one which isn't true. Selling over a million in fw week is an achievement only a few games to get accomplish and it help ff15 to be the most successful ff game to date.

And I remember Xbox fans gloating at what ultimately became an inferior version that was outsold by a console version with a smaller userbase.  Now, FFXV on the One it's still an inferior version outsold by a more powerful console version with a larger userbase.  Who's salty again?  Because bringing up and cherry picking a past event only proves that you're harboring some past adolecent anger.  But salt preserves.  No wonder you've held on to this for so long.

Df said Xbox 1 version ran better. So....