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Welcome to The Final Top 5 Most Played Wii U Games - Winter Edition!

Rules/What you need to do:
- Post your Top 5 most played games on the Wii U (feel free to post more, but I will only track the top 5)
- If you are tagging the thread, please make a new post when showing your times
- If applications (ex. Miiverse, Internet Browser) are in your top 5, do not include them but you can add them with [brackets]
- You can post your Wii/WiiWare/VC games but can opt them out if you so choose
- Even if you do not have playtimes, you are allowed to post estimates (or just the games without times)
- To make it easier for me, please post your times in a table
- Last date for posting your playtimes will end on December 31st, 2016
- Like the 3DS thread, this will also be the final Wii U playtimes. For more information, check the 3DS thread

Game Times Log:

2015 | [SPR] [SUM] [FAL] [WIN]
2016 | [SPR] [SUM] [FAL] [WIN]

Wii U
2015 | [SPR] [SUM] [FAL] [WIN]
2016 | [SPR] [SUM] [FAL] [WIN]




1 Splatoon 442:41
2 Super Smash Bros. 4 Wii U 128:20
3 Hyrule Warriors 121:49
4 Xenoblade Chronicles X 100:23
Mario Kart 8 78:44



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