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BraLoD said:
Swordmasterman said:

FFXIII wasn't a bad game,  the problem is that the Serie's standard is very high

The problem is that it dropped way too much stuff people expect from FF, not that the standard is high (which it is).
There was no exploration basically the whole game, barely any weapons, cutscenes popping up after each 3 steps (they used to be special pieces).
It has a good story, and I personally liked the paradigm shift gameplay mechanic, but sadly even those two had clear weak points, the paradigm shift could be easily abused and let the game play itself and the story presentation, even filled with cutscenes, was not the best as a lot of info had to be searched instead of delivered to you.

Yes, it wasn't a bad game, but it wasn't only because the other games were better.

Yeah, I've played through XIII twice and although I do enjoy it, it does have serious flaws. I think XV should objectively be better simply on the basis that the combat will always require engagement and there is unlikely to be long portions of the game running through narrow tunnels defeating enemies which all require the same tactic (yet have annoyingly high health)