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vivster said:
AsGryffynn said:

Your game now belongs to the Bethesda fandom. Conform or be destroyed by Alduin's shout! 

I don't have to conform. SE is still making awesome games like WoFF, Dimensions 2 and DQ11 which stick to the proper formula. If they want to make every FF main game a FFXV I'll let them.

FFXV can't take away decades of greatness.

Plus that isn't really accurate anyway.  This isn't structured at all like a Bethesda game, one large world you explore freely from the word go with no restrictions and the storylines - both main and side - just happen there.  Nor is it a Ubisoft game where all content from story to side is just nebulous blobs of tasks sprinkled around a sandbox.  From what we have seen and heard, this is structured more like Xenoblade Chronicles or Witcher 3, with a grand story still acting as the primary structure that dictates your broader progression even though the world you progress through is rather open.  The regions and world are open but your movement through them from area to area is still paced primarily by the story, iirc.