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LET´S TALK TESTOSTERONE! I mean, literally...

Is worlwide respected film director Michael Moore having hormonal issues?

The original article can be found here:

Aparently a LGBT website called Data Lounge thinks Michael Moore could be even changing genders:

Remember the film maker Michael More? He became famous with the documentary called BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE, about a school shooting.

Here a picture of him at the time:

Looks like a normal man in this shot, lots of facial hair, circa 2002.

Here is another "manly pic of the same director:

Now, here is a very recent picture:

I think he is looking a little more feminine, like Jenner when the injections started. Althought it can be just a false impression. As some commented.

Anyone else sees it?

Could he release a documentary about the transition sometime in the future or is this just a bad hair day?


Edit: As Segasanshiro pointed, it could be just a natural aging process that lowers testosterone levels, very good point.

Lack of testosterone is overall hell to males, as the hormone is the most important in our bodies.

I woul like to recomend all the men here in Vgchartz a regular diet of brazilian nuts (Castanha do Pará), which are insanely effective to flush down girlie hormones and boost testosterone in the body. They are also delicious.


Another source of male performance, muscles and even energy is canned tuna (fresh tuna also, of course, but who can afford it?). Rich in Vitamin D

those are probably the cheapest options and the easiest to find and eat. A can of tuna costs 1 buck here in Brazil.

At the other side, it seems all soy products destroy testosterone and boost estrogen in one´s body.

How about you guys? Care to share your testosterone boosting secrets? 

My grammar errors are justified by the fact that I am a brazilian living in Brazil. I am also very stupid.