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Not entirely relevant but my biggest gripe so far is that the party characters were built and written AROUND Noctis, while characters, even in the much hated FFXIII, were actual characters, they had their own story and development whether you liked them or not. The Anime fleshed them out a bit and it was nice but didn't change the fact that their existence still revolves entirely around Noctis. They're more like accessories or something. When I played the Judgement demo I felt like I was going around the world with one human character surrounded by AI that sometimes cracks jokes. The "party" aspect of FFXV seems to suffer relative to your typical JRPGs where "the party is everything" and you grow attached to everyone individually. Here, the people of interest are Noctis and the other people outside the party.. like Luna, Cor, etc. Not the other members of the party. They're just there FOR Noctis.