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Congrats, Trump.

It's pretty amazing how Trump went from being the 'underdog' in the election, so to say, with so many people being apparently so certain that he had no chance of winning and so much of the media having an agenda and bias against him, but he still managed to pull off a win. Like, even if you don't like the guy, I don't see how you can deny, that's a pretty amazing thing to pull off.

I guess Trump supporters that had to face being labeled things from some people such as racist and a bunch of other names just for having a different opinion on who should be president got to have the last laugh in the end. It's funny to see so many people overreacting, throwing tantrums, and freaking out now after they had been flinging shit at Trump supporters and calling them things that weren't true for months prior to this and constantly attacking them. Seems like irony, maybe those people should stop with those types of attitudes and be nicer to other people's opinions next time. 

Only time will tell with what kind of president Trump will be anyway. He's said a lot of things, but actions speak louder than words. I do wonder how people will look back on this 4 years from now (If he stays in that long without getting impeached or something), like if he manages to do a really good job as president or something maybe people will finally realize how blown out of proportion they made this out to be.