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Mummelmann said:
Well, Nintendo have always been against user generated content, until Mario Maker at least, they've never been big fans. And UGC is something modern and widespread in the market, which means that it's unlikely they'll go for it in any meaningful way...

On a more serious note; they need to have mods, mods have helped PC games immensely to sell and they're becoming more and more implemented in PS4 and One titles as well. Mods can add so much value to a game, Nintendo seem to have been worried previously about poor quality content being made available but you need to take the good with the bad, there are shit mods for most modded games, but these are easily avoided and balanced out by the truly good ones.

As a massive supporter of mods and someone familiar with the Bethesda modding scene for almost a decade, I seriously, seriously doubt they *need* them.  The number of pro-modding companies of any note is astoundingly small.  Like CD Projekt Red and Bethesda are the only ones that come to mind.  A handful tolerate it, grudgingly.  But only Bethesda has lifted a finger to bring them to consoles.  And console modding is currently and likely to always be limited.  Especially on the PS4, where the "no original assets" rule whipes out a good 75% of the good mods in one swift stroke.  And on Xbone numerous other limitations make sure modding on consoles is some 10 to 12 years *behind* modding on PC.  So no, right now mods are not a "need" by any stretch.  It would be nice, but I don't think their absence would ruffle many feathers.