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That's actually a really good question. Gut reaction is no. Not because of policy, but design. The advantage of cartridges are no spinning medium (good for mobility) and you can play from the card without having to fiddle with installs (convenient for consumers). The disadvantage is...the game isn't installed. And they can't make the cards openly writable. That puts the kibosh on mods right there. Well...mods done the traditional way. A work around may be possible, but they would have to collab with Bethesda to get it done, making mods work like the data packs for XCX. So probably no, technically still possible.

I don't see this as a massive loss though. For all the noise Xbox made about console mods and all the hullabaloo made by Bethesda, console modding is extremely limited. Limited allocated space, no .esm files, no messing with anything deep in the engine so no SKSE. There can still be neat stuff but it's not nearly enoug, imo, to make any version "definitive" on its own. I'm sure some will really enjoy the bits and bobs that come along, but it's honestly not a big deal in my eyes.

Oh, and a game habing modding potential doesn't mean modding is possible regardless of platform. A lot of games have modding potential but unless devs left the right doors open, it's impossible on any real scale. And unless they release modeing tools, it is highly impractical.