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SvennoJ said:
Lrdfancypants said:

Then what was released a month or so ago?

Paid early access apparently.

Players who want a boost at the off can buy the Frontier Pack for 500 Freeman Dollars, the game's currency that translates to€19.99/£15.99, and this will offer players Bourgeoisie papers, a Lv1. Arms License, Lv1. Tools License, an EagleCorp Jetpack, and three avatars. PS Plus members will also receive an exclusive costume should they give the game a go before 2nd November.

Why... I supported all your games and now you stab me in the back with a pay to play scheme.
Perhaps it's not as bad as it seems, will give it a try at least.

Maybe they improved it from then. Weird after I saw reviews I thought it was the full release. 

l <---- Do you mean this glitch Gribble?  If not, I'll keep looking.  





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