WiiU and PC :) But voted PS4P, because I'll eventually get one when enough games pile up. Was going to get an X1 eventually once again, but I hate the OS, and there are no games I want that aren't on PC as well.

Nintendo has the best exclusives that aren't available on PC (imho), but I only had a 3DS for a while, and found WiiU to be prohibitively expensive for what it was, so I simply skipped it until it gets dirt cheap used. I figure I'll see them less than $100 after Switch comes out.

I have such limited time for gaming that it's a waste of money for me to chase the latest stuff, particularly if there are no titles I'm interested in. And with BOTW coming for WiiU, I don't need a switch for at least 5 years or so. And if Nintendo breaks their promise and cancels Zelda for the U, then screw them, I won't buy any of their stuff ever again.