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Xen said:

No argument with that i3 not lasting him another 5 years, but no need for anything "K", lest you overclock. Any Haswell i5, e.g i5 4460 will be perfectly good for most anything considering the GPU-bound nature of games these days - that CPU is great value these days, and in the future, should only fall in price.

Nevertheless, any i3, gen 4 and later, which is not cache-starved, is perfectly good for most games these days. I would get a new GPU and another stick of RAM.

The 4460 will do him some years as well, though I don't see why he has to always be cheap in his options. I'm not advocating he absolutely splurge, but I;m not saying he should be skimping out on the core parts either. 

Also don't forget about some recent CPU itensive titles like Ashes of a Singularity or Total War.

If he gets another stick of RAM and a GPU, he'll eventually need to swap out for a CPU, one that fits with a new mobo, and we know his build is already dated, so that adds to the cost. THe more you hold back on a part that is cruicial, the more it ends up having you swap out more down the line.

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