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zero129 said:
Johnw1104 said:
Don't mean to hijack your thread, but since there's PC people in here thought I'd ask about a problem of mine without starting a new one... I recently updated just about everything in preparation for VR, including a new motherboard. It has plenty of RAM (48gb), an i7 6850k, the recent pascal arch geforce Titan, and the new mobo is a ASRock X99 Extreme4 LGA 2011-v3 Intel X99 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX. Plus, I've reinstalled my Windows 10pro on a Samsung EVO 450gb SSD.

All drivers are updated, everything seems like it SHOULD be blazing along (and it is once I log into the computer), but the boot up takes damn near forever. I think it must be the mobo as it can be a solid minute before I even get the boot screen asking whether I'd like to visit BIOS or not, and then another minute after. I really can't figure out what on earth the issue is, but once the OS is loaded everything works just fine. It's not really a huge problem, then, but it's a bit irritating.

Anyone ever run into this issue? I can't find much about it online.

Yeah i do have the same problem too. installing windows onto a faster HDD such as an SSD helps A lot!, also check what programs you have running @Start up.

I had one program installed one time and before i knew about it my PC used to take like 10 minutes to from start to boot. After removing that program my boot time went down to like 3 minutes. But if its really only taking you 2 minutes to boot into your system thats not too bad!. I think its more to do with the speed of your HDD and what programs you might have running at startup.

Yeah I'm using a SSD but you did make me think of something just now actually, could it perhaps be the additional normal HDD that I have connected for storage? It boots from the SSD but I keep the HDD connected and available for things I don't need quickly loaded. I donno why that would slow things down, but I suppose it might.