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axumblade said:
Nautilus said:

Really?I thought the reboot game was bad.Simply horrendous gameplay and empty and boring world (for me) didnt make up for the decent platforming and story.Thought it was a waste of a good IP.

Eh. The debate could continue for a while based on differences. I've noticed with this game in particular,  different people feel different ways. I do feel Forgotten Sands was a weaker game that felt like it was rushed a little bit to coincide with the movie. So it wasn't exactly the best of the series either. 

To be quite honest, i didnt play Forgotten Sands.The one I did play, and was comparing with, was Sands of Time.That one had so many good ideas about time manipulation, fighting and level design in general, so when I played the reboot, I was left very dissapointed.Hopefully Ubisoft picks up the IP again and do it justice.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.