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Slimebeast said:
Those graphics are still ancient.

I got into WoW for what it offered, not it's visuals. I never hopped into WoW expecting it to be something akin to Crysis (despite Crysis coming after but used as an example of expetcing high fidelity visuals). Yes it looks dated but so do other MMO's out there and some that are recent are going to end up looking dated a lot sooner down the line.

The things I love about WoW were it's story, it's character lore, the art style (as pictured below) and the soundtrack as well as the different classes, all that to me was what drew me towards the game and still does.


Also Minecraft by it's visuals alone looks pretty low in the graphics dept, but it's still played by millions of people years later, it's not the graphics that drew those people in either, it was the style, the creativity and what you were allowed to do within the game.


OT: I loved the new skin changes we got back in WoD, I feel like they were a step up from the vanilla models, including their animations they gave.


Just look at the poor Vanilla Tauren:




Also we received new AA and AO options in WoD:


So far I'm loving what Legion is giving me and allowing me to play it at my own pace, allowing me to level up in the other zones(besides Suramar which is for 110 content) and the profession changes they have made in this expansion make it much more easier to get into and make some money off as well as gear this time around.

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