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KLXVER said:
Played 150 out of 419? Whats the point of buying so many games then?

It's the power of Steam Sales. It's hard to resist buying a game that's dirt cheap with a 75 or 80% off. Also, there are game bundles (like Humble Bundle) where you may only be interested in a couple of them but, since the price is right, you end up buying the bundle anyway.


OT: I have 116 games and I don't know how many of them I've played. I've got a few I wasn't interested in from Humble Bundles (I wanted Brutal Legend, but there were other games in the bundle), I got a few from the Secret Santa thread on this site and at least another three were for free: Tropico 3, Tropico 4 (I got it yesterday from the Humble Store. Check if the offer still works) and the recent Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, which doesn't replace the older version of the game.

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