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WiiU-Dude said:
Mike_L said:

Yeah, US and particularly UK did great. Congrats!

Looking at medals per capita my country (Denmark) dominated the US though

Rank Country Medals Population Population
per Medal
1 Grenada 1 106,825 106,825
2 Bahamas 2 388,019 194,009
3 Jamaica 11 2,725,941 247,812
4 New Zealand 18 4,595,700 255,316
5 Denmark 15 5,676,002 378,400
43 United States 121 321,418,820 2,656,353

You make an excellent point! I'm happy for all smaller countries. By your figuring China, India and Indonesia (amongst a few others) have some wood shedding to do!! Lol! But my most heartfelt congratulations to ALL countries!! My girlfriends country, the Philippines, with one medal - a silver - with 100 million people has some work to do too😂😂😂 I love the Olympics and seeing the world together competing - it's the greatest!


Personally, these have been the most interesting Olympics Games I've ever followed. So many memorable moments. And what a perfect setting. Brazil did great.


I'll definitely be in Tokyo in 2020 to experience the games first hand. I love Tokyo, Japan and the Japanese people.