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Mike_L said:
NobleTeam360 said:
United Staes, were predicted to get 108 medals and wound up with 121. So pretty good, Nobody was near our team in terms of total medals or even Gold medals. So I would say our team pretty much dominated.

Yeah, US and particularly UK did great. Congrats!

Looking at medals per capita my country (Denmark) dominated the US though

Rank Country Medals Population Population
per Medal
1 Grenada 1 106,825 106,825
2 Bahamas 2 388,019 194,009
3 Jamaica 11 2,725,941 247,812
4 New Zealand 18 4,595,700 255,316
5 Denmark 15 5,676,002 378,400
43 United States 121 321,418,820 2,656,353

You make an excellent point! I'm happy for all smaller countries. By your figuring China, India and Indonesia (amongst a few others) have some wood shedding to do!! Lol! But my most heartfelt congratulations to ALL countries!! My girlfriends country, the Philippines, with one medal - a silver - with 100 million people has some work to do too😂😂😂 I love the Olympics and seeing the world together competing - it's the greatest!