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AZWification said:
fory77 said:

Your southern neighbour is not much different, only 1 bronze more than last time.

I was looking the other day at medal tables from past Olympics Games and it's amazing how both Romania and Bulgaria would constantly show up in the top 10 during the communist times.

It's a shame romanias women gymastics team failed to even qualify for the olympics in rio. They used to be absolutely dominant in artistic gymnastics and were beautiful to watch. Those medals are definitevly sorely missing.

Germanys women got to participate in their first ever olympic gymnastics team finals and even snatched a medal at the uneven bars individuals, so I'm happy with that.

I wish Brettschneider would have hung his double twisting kovacs though. No one else even attempts that difficulty. I've seen him do four or five in a row in training perfectly, so it's not like he can't do it. He even attempted double twisting kovacs streched, but dropped on every single attempt. I really hope he'll be able to introduce them at the 2017 world championships.