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Dadrik said:

Brazil did pretty good imo, but I was wondering, is there a lot of focus on sports there apart from Football ?
Also, great job on the pole vault, that final jump from da Silva was insane, and broke our hearts in France :P
It was quite a performance.

Football is the only sport that has a huge focus here. 

All the other sports are majoritary ignored by the media AND audiences - so the bad behavior of people in events like gymnastics, table tennis, swimming etc. People don´t know how those sports work, they´re only seen on Tv during Olympic Games or Panamerican Games, with a few exceptions. So they think that football rivalries apply to everything. (As a brazilian, I fell embarrassed)

Most sports here suffer lack of public interest and lack of incentiments. There are a few public programs that help athletes to have a way of living - the most notable is the Armed Forces program - hence the military poses on many medal ceremonies by brazilian athletes, and anohter program that takes part of the national lottery sales to fund and keep our national federations. These programs really help athletes to stand out in sports like gymastics and handball, b ut on clubs/schools/universities the situation is really complicated. We´re too dependent on the casual discovery of talents rather than producing talents.