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It started off slow, with our swimming getting none and judo only one bronze while normally we could count on at least a few with some golds. Then, pretty much every "expected" gold medal didn't happen and almost all our golds were won by those we didn't expect to win. The second week was better, we won most of the gold medals during the second week, though there was a third mass-disappointment when we didn't win anything in the equestrian competitions and our hockey teams failed. So there's a bit of a mixed feeling, happy about some things, sad about others.

All-in-all, mostly due to the surprise medals, Netherlands still got to 19 total with 8 gold medals, 7 silver medals and 4 bronze medals to finish 11th in the medal table. Pretty decent, one less in total than London but 2 more were gold. 1 more gold than Beijing and 4 more than Athens, though in Athens we won 22 total. Rio didn't come close to the record in Sydney however, which was 25 with 12 of them gold. We can't really complain about Rio, but then again complaining about something is in Dutch people's nature.