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kowenicki said:
Aaaand another gold for GB. 25 now in 14 different sports, no other country has such diverse success at these games.

Chuckle, I dunno the 40 golds of the USA is 13 different sports is a good argument otherwise. Still, massive respect for what GB has done in these games. I'm used to China and Russia being our medal rivals, nice to see GB building on their success in the London games and moving up in the rankings.

Player2 said:

Congrats to our girls for winning their first medal ever in basketball.

Also worth noting that USA's women basketball team play way better that the men. Sure, the boys are stronger, jump higher and can do more flashy stuff, but the girls have way better basketball fundamentals and attack with elaborated plays.

The women's team definitely has better teamwork. It feels like the USA men depend too much on their pure atheleticism and individual skill. I still want to see them win gold tomorrow, but I'd like to see them approach the games with some humility.