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Luke888 said:

This is the first Olympic game where Rock Climbing will be a featured, isn't it ? If that's the case I'm really looking forward to that competition. Italy only wins golds in lame sports like fencing, archery and clay pigeon shooting, at least I heard that we have some good male swimmers this time, it's kinda sad to see our womans winning so many medals in that category and man getting wrecked. Also of course I'm looking forward to see what Bolt does...

Edit: also I'm really curious to see what countries will win an unexpected ammount of medals due to Russia beeing out of the competition, I'd laugh so much if say Ukraine made it to the top 10...

Sport climbing has been approved for 2020 (Japan... you know when Akira will happen), not this one I'm afraid. But then again, climbing, surfing and others have been approved but still not squash... so weird.

Without the Russian Athletics, it's wide open for some events there, and take a good 5-6 golds from their total.

Hmm, pie.