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Cloudman said:

Yeeah, I used to get all the different PS2 games and once I got to heavy mode the dance pads wouldn't last too long.I think I stopped after Supernova 2 though. The newer ones weren't as good as DDR Max and Max 2, as I really liked the osts on those 2. Then... I got stepmania with a ton of songs, and that ended my time with DDR on consoles.

But dang, it's cool that you played other exercise games for your routine. Mine was just DDR and later I got into Pump It Up. I always wanted to get into Wii Fit, but wasn't sure if it actually helped with getting fit. So I passed on it. Now I feel like maybe I shouldn't have.

It depends on how you use it. The mini games were a fun distraction, however after setting all the high scores I never touched them anymore. Doing the exercises as shown won't get you very fit (it works just not very tacting). I add weight and or extra reps, going faster than the slow pace of the game, upto 110 for push up and side plank for example. It's a nice tool to keep track and have that little pause in between while selecting the next one. It's more of a motivation tool than proper 'workout instructor' And it's always fun when it accuses you of not making any effort when you're holding 20 pound weights instead of the wii motes.

naruball said:
Surprised no one has mentioned Just Dance considering how popular it used to be. I still play it on ps3 and ps4 and love it.

I did, I'm elite on JD 2015 (ps4), won the may tournament. We have it on the Wii U as well. I had both running at the same time in online mode, switch back and forth to cut out the waiting part in between. The good thing about these games is that they get dirt cheap once the next version comes out. Buying up all the DDR games for ps2 didn't even get close to the price of 1 new game.

The ps4 camera doesn't work very well though. Even under the best light conditions it still loses track or suddenly introduces a false twin, switching to player 2 for the rest of the song. Odd, since Kung fu live keeps working until dusk on the old ps eye. Once in a blue moon I'll be able to get 5 stars with the camera, with the move 5 stars all the time on all the songs. (apart from a few I can't stand)