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Nem said:

I disagree. This was a genre made by devil may cry. Musou games are their own thing.

That lack of categorization is what leads us to the ridiculous action-adventure genre wich can encompass virtually anything.

Wolfenstein 3D made the FPS genre. Far Cry plays nothing like it, yet its an FPS game.

A game can start a genre, but other games can expand the genre into new territory, they need not be based on where things started, and Dynasty Warriors plays like what a hack and slash game would play.

I don't agree. I think Far cry is an open world game more than an FPS.

FPS i categorise the somewhat linear first person shooter experience.

The thing is, this trying to say they are expanding the genre is a huge mess. It just makes everything difficult to categorise and you are calling FPS's RPG's at the end of the day. We have to be more specific on our scrutiny or we end up with one category for all of them (wich action-adventure is becoming), wich just defeats the purpose.