twintail said:
Cloudman said:
. Seems hard to believe how Joel got so far, eventually becoming a one-man army towards the end. The end didn't please me much either. 

What a strange thing to take issue with, hard to believe how far Joel got?


Ending is up in the air maybe but I still fail to see how anyone can take issue with it: the ending is fantastic.

Well, I just find it rather unbelievable how one man eventually managed to sneak and kill big groups of people and get of it mostly okay. Starts to feel like a super hero in a comic or something, and that's when it started to leave the realm of being... well, believeable. I remmeber that part where they were trying to ride through a street on a horse in the middle of fire and somehow managed to be just fine. And with the end and all the effort it took to get there, it just left a bad taste in my mouth. Made the journey feel kind of pointless. And with how I know how it ends, I can't bring myself to do the journey again.

I had more issues than just that, haha...



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