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-Thanks to Aquamarine for all the below-




PS4 leader in Hardware sales

3DS sales up MoM

Smash Bros over 2m on Wii U, over 3m on 3DS (Packaged Software Feed)

Overwatch was #1 for June, and Doom, and Uncharted 4 were right behind it on the rankings, as was GTA V

 Kirby: Planet Robobot was #4 on the physical charts.

Minecraft also did very well this month, buoyed by the release of Minecraft Wii U

1.2 billion gaming hours logged on Xbox One in June. 2x last year. 


Hardware sales-


Software-  (Again, this is all from Aquamarine)

Overwatch: 421.6k (Console packaged sales)

"As you can see, Overwatch is actually HIGHER than its release month in May where it sold like 350K (can't remember exact number).

Even when you look at standalone packaged goods of Overwatch which represents a mere fraction of its overall sell-through, you can see how word of mouth continues to have a tremendous impact on the product."

Battleborn COMPLETELY COLLAPSED this month. Below 50K. Below 40K. Below 30K. Below 20K. Etc. It's horrible given how successful its direct competition is.

Uncharted: 160k-190k (Including bundles)

"Uncharted is 160K-190K including bundles.....sorry guys. Uncharted games never light up the NPD charts...they're a worldwide IP.

But on the plus side, Uncharted is still on a good place on the Top 10 this month, along with Doom. Their legs didn't just evaporate the instant their launch month was over, which is always a good sign."

Mirrors Edge: 99k (Console Packaged sales)

"According to NPD, Mirror's Edge Catalyst only sold 99K units IN THE MONTH OF JUNE. So the performance is underwhelming even when you look at the already underwhelming VG Chartz estimates."

Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE: 30k-80k range (Wii U)

"Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is above that 30K benchmark, but not significantly (aka. it's not >100K or anything like that). So it's in the 30-80K range in its first month...that sort of area.

Tepid sales in the overall market, but can you really expect anything better from a niche JRPG releasing on a dead console at retail? At least it didn't COMPLETELY bomb retail-wise. Digital share should also be high for this kind of title."

Mario & Sonic & the Rio Olympics: <30k

"Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games COULDN'T EVEN HIT that 30K benchmark. Not even 25K. Quite disastrous in all honesty."

Mighty No 9: <40k

"Another bomb? Good ol' beloved Mighty No. 9. WEAK retail start. Couldn't even hit the ~40K territory."


Kirby is #4 on the Top 10 list. It has to be higher than 130K, silly. Overwatch sold 423K! NBA 2K16 sold 160K! Uncharted 4 sold 160-190K including bundles! And then there's Doom and GTA V and Minecraft crowding in there as well. If Kirby can hit #4 then it did pretty damn well for itself.

Here's another hint on the range of success (Kirby) to failure (Mario & Sonic):

Kirby: Planet Robobot > Minecraft Wii U > Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE > Mario & Sonic: Rio Olympic Games



Overwatch May 2016 Console Total: 361k

Overwatch (PS4): 203k

Overwatch (XBO): 158k


Overwatch June 2016 Console Total: 423K

Overwatch (PS4): 222K

Overwatch (XBO): 201K


Note that the XBO share for Overwatch significantly rose this month.



Top sellers this month:

Overwatch: 423K (222K PS4, 201K XBO)

Doom: (similar demand to Uncharted)

Uncharted 4: 160-190K

Call of Duty: Black Ops III: 268K including bundles (204K on Sony platforms, 64K on Microsoft platforms)

GTA V: 233K in total (100K on Sony platforms, 133K on Microsoft platforms)

Kirby: Planet Robobot: >160K, #4 on the retail standalone charts below Uncharted 4

NBA 2K16: 160K

Minecraft (Wii U Edition release sold really well, above Tokyo Mirage Sessions and #2 for Nintendo outside Kirby)

Destiny: The Taken King

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens




LTD track:

Dark Souls III by Bandai Namco

April 2016: 504K

June 2016: ~80K

July 2016: <60K, but not significantly




Mirror's Edge: Catalyst: 99K (Similar sales to Mirror's Edge Catalyst: FIFA 16 which sold 97K, The Division, Sony's MLB 16: The Show, Black Ops III without bundles)

Battleborn: <20K (complete collapse from May)

Tokyo Mirage Sessions: >30K, but not significantly

Mighty No. 9: <40K, but not significantly

Mario & Sonic at the Rio Olympic Games: <25K, but not significantly

Star Fox Zero + Star Fox Guard: Not doing very well at all in Nintendo catalog, Mario Kart 7, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros, etc. sold above it this month


Monthly software sales (revenue):

PS4: -19% YOY (-27% MOM)

WIU: -29% YOY (+84% MOM)

XBO: -30% YOY (+9% MOM)

Industry: -31% YOY (-1% MOM)

....Takeaway: The industry suffered steep declines in software because of the bounty of big releases last June (Splatoon, Elder Scrolls Online, Arkham Knight), but PS4 was least affected


Monthly Software ASP growth:

Sony Consoles: -8.1% YOY

Microsoft Consoles: -10.7% YOY

Nintendo Consoles: -12.8% YOY

Industry: -11.7% YOY

....Takeaway: Games are getting sold at cheaper prices lately


Monthly hardware sales (units):

PS4: -36% YOY (+13% MOM)

WIU: -51% YOY (+37% MOM)

XBO: -28% YOY (+98% MOM)

Industry: -32% YOY (+44% MOM)



Major Publisher Revenue:

Activision Blizzard: +97.6% YOY, 17.96% Marketshare ($43.1 million)

Nintendo: -14.2% YOY, 14.76% Marketshare ($35.4 million)

Electronic Arts: +23.8% YOY, 9.29% Marketshare ($22.3 million)

Take 2 Interactive: -18.7% YOY, 7.93% Marketshare ($19.0 million)

Sony: +63.4% YOY, 7.44% Marketshare ($17.9 million)

Ubisoft: +8.7% YOY, 4.88% Marketshare ($11.7 million)


Total software: $240.0 million


These six publishers comprise 62.26% of the June 2016 USA software market.

Physical Software sales fell from $345.5 million in June 2015 NPD to $240.0 million in June 2016 NPD. That's a decline of -30.5%.

Last June the #1 seller Batman: Arkham Knight sold 1.32 million physical units including digital copies in hardware bundles.


This June the #1 seller Overwatch sold 423K physical copies on consoles and a lot of PC physical sales (considering how dead the PC retail market is, >75K PC physical for a second month release is a lot).

Total Hardware Revenue: $181.5 million


Granular Hardware Revenue:

PS4: $82.63 million

XBO: $63.23 million

WIU: $10.22 million

360: $2.69 million

PS3: $1.73 million


Total for 5 platforms: $160.505 million


Total hardware revenue for 3DS + Vita + Wii (assume 0) = $21 million



Total Full-Game Console Software Revenue (Physical Only): $240.0 million

Total Full-Game Console Software Revenue (Physical + Digital from Participating Publishers): $322.0 million

Total Full-Game Console Software Revenue (Digital Only from Participating Publishers): $78.0 million (24.2% of the total)


Blast to the past- June 2001 NPD


Full public facing report releases next week.