vivster said:
peterdavid12345 said:

That's not true, if there are no exclusives, the wii u wouldn't even exist. Or it will die out like the PS Vita to the point nobody care anymore.

Depending on the exclusivity. If the games were on PC but still console exclusive it would've sold the same. If Nintendo puts their games on all consoles there wouldn't be a point for the Wii U in the first place. Which only shows the missing appeal of your product if the only draw is the exclusives on it.

One console less for gamers to buy is a good thing.

Nintendo games on PC ? That would be the least thing they would do. Mobile i can understand since they already on it. I agree with your last sentence tho. But i couldn't careless tbh, since i only own one console and it's all i need. But if you give me an Xbox One, i would gladly accept it :3