Mr Puggsly said:
Kerotan said:

They tried the spending a shit load of money option already.  had a good base with Xbox,  found decent success with the 360. But then they blew their load all over the shop and fucked it up spectacularly with the x1. 

They're definitely going "ok" on the console space.  Pretty irrelevant right now in the pc space.  But are they satisfied after spending so much money over so long for gaming?  You can bet you're bottom dollar they're not. 

In the console arena, I think MS is trying to make as many gains as possible with minimal losses. This isn't the 7th gen in risk taking.

I think MS is about to become the most relevant they've ever been in PC gaming. Their PC gaming endeavor has certainly been a big topic. They never pushed AAA gaming like this before in the PC market. Hopefully they do it right.

I won't comment on how I think they'll do but they definitely have a chance to become relevant.  Time will tell.  


And yes that seems to be their strategy now with the comsole market.  Their original plan failed and they are into damage limitation mode.  Probably half hoping the slim and scorpio will change their fortunes before and xbox 2.