BMaker11 said:

1. But if Apple has all the apps you want, and Android doesn't. And all your friends have iPhones, and there is some proprietary messaging system to contact all your friends without eating up your texts (in this case, iMessage, which "artificially segregates consumers" as Android users don't have iMessage. Guess Apple is "stupid enough", huh?) . And iOS is one user interface that meshes across iPhone, iPad, iPod, iWatch, etc. but Android doesn't have that......and you want all those things, but then turn around and say "I don't want an iPhone". That makes no sense. 

By that same token, if you want to play certain exclusive games and multiplayer with your friends who all have a certain console.....then turn around and say "but I don't want that console", that also doesn't make sense. 

You're talking about exclusives, which is not what this is about. Apple doesn't have an app that is available on both platforms, but only talks to one. That's what's stupid. Exclusives aren't.

Well, this is new.