Mr Puggsly said:
Kerotan said:

MS want to compete with STEAM. its just they've got to climb mountain everest naked carrying a camel first.  

I wish them luck but if this fails all it will have done is damage their console.  Why buy a x1  if you game on pc when the pc gets all its exclusives.  Pc + ps4 will be a better option.  

Maybe down the road MS may want to compete with Steam, but as of 2016, they want to coexist with Steam by offering exclusive content. MS even has games on Steam. Again, people can use both Windows Store and Steam. Its just a different icon in Windows 10.

As long as people are buying their games for X1 or Windows 10, I think MS is okay with that. Most PC gamers are just PC gamers, especially outside the west. So thats an audience MS is interested in.

Want to co-exist?  LooooooL 

If they had the option they would choose to dominate.  They are content with co-existing with Steam because they have no choice.  Steam is DOMINATING that market.  


Just like Sony DOMINATE the console space.  You think MS are happing being the small guy in the market?  Of course not.