Azuren said:

1. No, it kind of does. If you state everything you want, and then say you don't want whatever product does exactly that then you're just being silly. "I want a device that uses a capacitive touch screen with access to a large store of applications ranging from games to special-purpose tools that can send emails, text messages, and call people. NO I DON'T WANT A SMART PHONE." 


2. Ass backwards is kind of redundant; you'd just be facing forward. Based on this silly logic, anything that's ass backwards will only continue to move forward, whereas "ass forwards" stuff will continue to move backward.

1. No, it's being a consumer. It's not saying you don't want a smartphone; it's saying you don't want Apple or you don't want Android, two competing platforms who aren't stupid enough to artificially segregate their consumers.

2. It doesn't mean facing forward. How can you call it redundant and then completely mess up what it means? Ass is reinforcing backwards. It's as backwards as someone's ass. That's what it means. It's moving backwards.

Well, this is new.