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Chazore said:
Ruler said:

Again where i am xenophobic if i love japanese games? Like i said to an other member previously if all i would care and play is american games no one would care or accuse me of being biased, but for some reason japanese games stand out to you here and it is consired weird by other members?

No this statement is wrong, the West has no total controll of OS and computer technology, America does. And its pretty common now that in the same area mostly asians are working now by the way.

If this all would be Famitsus fault and japanese reviewers you would at least see other none western reviewers on metacritic of the regions i have mentioned previously. Its pretty unlikely that almost everyone not in the west refuses to take part in metacritic. Its more likely that gamespot has rules in place and chooses who ever they want.

 Yeah if i see an african devoloped game and it gets bad reviews i will point that out. I think there was an african VGchartz user here who has an indie project

I am talking of your Xenophobic behavour towards anything Western related, not towards Japanese games, you have warped what the definition actually means in that aspect it seems.

The West does have OS control, calling it "just America" is just showing the Xenophobia because the US is in fact part of the Western world, no need to single them out when other OS's in the past have spawned across various parts of the Western world, they may not be anywhere as popular as Windows or Mac but they do exist. Mostly asians working on a Western OS seems warped if anything, unless you want to go entirely with the "made in CHina" arguement, welcome to knowing that China makes a lot of the world's goods, that has been a thing for decades if not longer, but CHina don't design or code the OS, if they did it would certainly show very easily. 

What's to stop Japanese reviews, channels or hell anything over there from choosing what they want to show?, why has it got to be just the US?, why do you have this amazing facination with pinning everything on the US of A?. (likely to make the mirror argument "why you got to blame Japan?", does not a good argument make).

You see what you choose to see and pick it out to make some argument, just like you did with Skyrim because PC players got a good deal, I've never seen you make articles or threads when PC gets a shit deal and how you want to bring it to light without making it sound like it's not worth giving a shit about. 

You pick and choose the argument all the time just like in this post constantley going personal and using other threads to derail the argument, now its about PC Gaming again. Why should i care about PC gaming? I am not a PC gamer so why should i cry if they get shafted over in some instances? You wont see me complaining about it or using it as an argument for console gaming like a lot of other PC gamers did if console gamers getting shafted.

You certaintly wouldnt have made a thread complaining that bethesda doesnt give console owners skyriam remaster for free, no one would except for me. And where did i said they should take your toy away? I just said they should give console gamers the same treatment who bought it digitally on PS360.

Sorry but i dont like this statement that because the US is considered western that makes the Dutch, German or Italian somehow equal and benefitors  in these Spheres which are dominated by the US. Its clearly that Europe for example has nothing to say anymore when it comes to the IT and OS markets less than Japan even. And i dont think being delusional about it and thinking its okay as the US is western wont help the situation but will make it even worse for europe and other western countries. And the US is becoming more and more a multicultural country and less western (European) the demographics show. And what has china to do with anything?

Like i said so many times Japanese reviewers arent allowed on Metacritic. And yes there are reviews in japan, like Famitsu which gives their scores weekley but unfortainly gamers here and in other sites dont care about them.