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Chazore said:
Ruler said:


But how has that anything to do with Japanese reviewers being absent from Metacrtic which is discriminatory? I am pretty sure if Famitsu and other japanese reviewers could give their review they would, but they cant just as you dont see any other none western country im metacritic.

Do you see for example reviews from latin america, africa, arabic world, former soviet union, china, korea or other parts in asia on metacritic? Damn what a coincedence, they all cant get their shit together unlike the mighty west, yeah sure.

Look also at Snoopys comment and you call me here the most xenophobic and spitefull person on this site?

Ruler you can try a mirror copy+paste argument all you want but it's not going to shield yourself from your xenophobic behaviour.

I actually like Japanese games and Western, I love anime and western cartoons as well as loving both cultures, all you've done is show contempt for one side while constantly loving and defending the other. Also if you'd studied history you'd also know why the West have OS control and why they even got therte in the frist place, look where the computer, internet and OS booms came from and you'll see the picture.

That's up to Famitsu to chuck out their reviews, not the West, that has nothing to do with the West what so ever, that is all on Famitsu themselves.

Oh how quaint you're using other countries to back up your fave, I can't wait to see that same example used for ltierally every other argument of yours inf avor of Japan in the future, in fact I can't wait for some threads based enitely on Africa as well as the other continents around the world.

You are Xenophobic through and through, trying to bounce an argument back towards the other isn't going to change that.

Again where i am xenophobic if i love japanese games? Like i said to an other member previously if all i would care and play is american games no one would care or accuse me of being biased, but for some reason japanese games stand out to you here and it is consired weird by other members?

No this statement is wrong, the West has no total controll of OS and computer technology, America does. And its pretty common now that in the same area mostly asians are working now by the way.

If this all would be Famitsus fault and japanese reviewers you would at least see other none western reviewers on metacritic of the regions i have mentioned previously. Its pretty unlikely that almost everyone not in the west refuses to take part in metacritic. Its more likely that gamespot has rules in place and chooses who ever they want.

Even other western sites are left out. For example the german sites like 4players who particapte on metacirtic are very unpopular while the most popular and most sold magazines and viewed review sites like Gamestar, Computer Bild, PC games and Maniac are left out on metacritic.

 Yeah if i see an african devoloped game and it gets bad reviews i will point that out. I think there was an african VGchartz user here who has an indie project