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Interesting read about Monogame and Vita:


In short, this means the potential for more PS Vita game releases, because it means two things:

  1. Developers can use the programming language C# (pronounced "C sharp"), without Unity, to develop Vita games. This has me very excited, as C# is my favorite language for games, by far.

  2. Existing games built with either Monogame or XNA will be significantly easier to port to Vita.

Last December, there was an article posted here that explained the existence of a transpiler (program that converts from C# to C++ code) that was being used for games like Bastion, Axiom Verge, and Towerfall: Ascension. That article indiciated (or else I misunderstood) that developers working with Monogame/C# would still have to have another team doing the port, as the transpiler was only available to the guys who built it -- Tom Spilman and Sickhead Games.

In the post linked here, though, Tom is indicating that there's another option available beyond the transpiler: an actual PS Vita implementation of the Monogame SDK, currently in an alpha state. Transpiling source code from one language to another can sometimes/often require additional work after the transpilation process, but having true PS Vita support in Monogame means just writing code once and having it work on all platforms -- including PS Vita.