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Ruler said:


Cloudman said:

Which game do you mean? SO5 is likely still a good game, even if it doesn't score high. FF13 however I don't agree with. I don't think it's a good game in any standard...


Even if true it doesnt change the fact that metacritic should represent different opinions and outlets. That an important site like Famitsu isnt represented to give their score is pretty ignorant and down right discrimantory too. 

Do you mean Metacritic accepting famitsu's scores too? How would that work? Isn't it based on a 40 point system? I guess they could take the 4 individual's scores and add them all. I guess what's stopping that is Famitsu's a Japanese magazine publisher, and.. they don't know Japanese either. Plus, translating that for English for Metacritic may be a bit troublesome for them.


Either way, it doesn't matter to me. I don't use metacritic reviews to base my decisions on buying a game, haha.



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