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method114 said:
pbroy said:

As an American, I value my fat and am proud of it. I put countless hours at the buffets, fast food chains and bbq pits. I even sacrifice some sleep to have some late night eating.

Everyone is admitting to their defeat with fighting obesity. Look at M$, they are stopping services for Xbox Fitness, because they are fighting a losing battle.

We need to embrace and let be. 😚

As far as disc swapping goes. I cringe at the thought of even having to walk to my console to put a disc in. After buying a game at the store, I have buyers remorse when I get home. The effort I have to put in to unwrap the plastic is tiring. 😐

Agreed I'm all about guys getting as fat as they can. Makes it easier for me.

Are you one of the alien overlords who's waiting for everyone to plump up to the optimal plumpness and then harvest us to feed your planet?


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