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CosmicSex said:
vivster said:

People who only have a single gaming option are screwed either way. Generally we're living in a time where there are too many games to play. A lot of people will not bother to get a full priced year old game. I think we will see that in the PS4 sales.

You bring up an interesting point... speaking of Tomb Raider, the price on Amazon still says $59.99 so if it doesn't sell well, it will be the fault of the person who thought it was a good idea to charge $60 for a gme that was only $9 on the Windows store just a few months ago.  Obviously that doesn't sit well with anyone.  Of course no one really expects Tomb Raider to sell for full price when it launches.  Same goes for DR4.

Side note,  this deal is already different because you can get it day one on PC if you want.  Tomb Raider had the exclusive Xbox One launch. 

PC and PS4 owners truly are blessed. They get all the exclusives :)

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