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Well there were hints of it but now it seems that it has been confirmed that Dead Rising 4 is a timed exclusive to microsoft platforms. A Capcom Vancouver representative had this to say when asked about it:

Capcom Vancouver is developing, MS is pubilishing. 1 year exclusive with MS. Slightly different deal than DR3.


Dead Rising 4 was the only game during Microsoft’s E3 Press Event that wasn’t labeled as “Xbox One and Windows 10 Exclusive” which led to people wondering whether it could come to PS4. Now it seems like it really is like Rise of the Tomb Raider and could come to PS4 a year later. What do you think of this news? Tell us in the comments below.

There are some hits saying that it may be exclusive to Windows 10 Store and then to Steam after a year but that would be horrible if true.  Imagine a new exclusive war between Steam and W10 Store...