Veknoid_Outcast said:
Hynad said:

But then, the biggest problem is the lack of Sony first party games. But if you compine a high-end PC with a PS4 and a Nintendo console, you really don't need much more.

Well, personally I need everything. That's why I own a PC, PS4, PSV, XOne, WiiU, and 3DS. I need to play everything.

But if I was forced to choose, I'd leave the PS4 out. Its library is largely redundant when a PC is introduced into the equation, and its first-party software is hit or miss.

Well, isn't Nintendo's library pretty redundant when you mention any prior Nintendo console?  I kid, I kid.

I too play on anything that has games that interest me. No matter the brand. I don,t yet have a XBO, mostly because they keep releasing their games on PC, and barely have any exclusive that stay on their console. So it's like they're almost telling me NOT to get one. -___-