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4 hours since last update:

#19 PS4 Black Ops III Bundle (down 1)
#44 N3DS Black (up 2)
#63 XB1 1TB Three Game Bundle (down 35)
#80 XB1 1TB Three Game Bundle (re-entry)
#96 PS4 Fool's Edition (up 1)

SOFTWARE (pre-orders only)
#23 Odin's Sphere SB (down 1)
#42 PS4 Odin's Sphere (up 46)
#56 PS4 No Man's Sky (up 2)
#59 PS4 Star Ocean (down 5)
#78 Vita Odin's Sphere (new entry)

Just to remind people, that duplicate is not a mistake. They are the same bundle but hae different pictures. I've got no idea why but it is what it is.


The PS5 Exists.