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GribbleGrunger said:
xl-klaudkil said:
Wait, with the xbone you get 3 gamea free its 299,99 and ps4 still pretty much crushing it,and yet Microsoft thinks releasing another console is a good move?


None of it seems to make sense. MS are said to be having an event later this year to reveal Scorpio for next year. In the mean time they're also rumoured to be revealing a slim version of a console that's been outsold even with deals like $350+5 games+extra controller+$50 gift card. It seems really odd to make it known that you're releasing a better version of your console next year and expect a slimmer version of the same console this year to sell well. On top of that you also announce all XB1 titles will be coming to the PC. Why would you do that?

I think its silly to release a slim console, but also reveal next year a much more powerfull console named Scorpio will be out.

That might hurt their sales of the slim, and normal xbox one models.  Scorpio shouldnt have been mentioned until close to its release.

I think the slim has to aim for being really cheap to make. If MS can make a base Xbox One (slimmed down) viable at 199$ it can make sense.