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Soundwave said:

Isn't this kinda the worst case scenario, that NX would be late to the market (2017) and would overlap into much more powerful next-gen Sony/MS hardware?

I guess the consensus 6 months ago was that NX would surely at least have 2-3 years more as a parity or even superior console, while Sony/MS sat idly by but it seems like VR pushed Sony into Neo, and MS was planning on Scorpio for a while. 

Scorpio seems more like a full-on XBox 2 with incredible 6 TFLOP performance (per Kotaku/Polygon leaks) but even PS4Neo at 4 TFLOP is a fairly impressive hardware leap forward. 

Was Nintendo banking hard on Sony/MS maintaining the status quo of the vanilla PS4/XB1 models for several more years? If the NX is somewhere between 1-2 TFLOPS (ranging from just below an XB1 to just over a PS4) ... it's pretty badly outdated from day 1 like the Wii U was. 

The console market is also getting oversaturated too, PS4 Neo, PS4, XBox Scorpio, XBox One, NX ... that's going to be 5 consoles in roughly 1 1/2 years. Are third parties seriously going to prioritize Nintendo in this equation? 

It doesn't look too great right now for the NX, even though I do think they will correct a lot of the mistakes of the Wii U, much like Sega with the Dreamcast, they are headed into a hardware tsunami I think.

LMFAO, absolutely GOLD.

Let's summarize: poor soundwave says A BRAND NEW CONSOLE, WITH BRAND NEW GAMES (name, strategy, library, price... still unknown) is screwed because of MERE IMAGINARY NEW MODELS OF EXISTING CONSOLES. Completely disregarding nintendo, as if they were nothing and uncapable of competing with the mere existence of sony and MS, lmfao.

the poor thing thinks NX will only have 1-2 tflops of power, even though it will have a minimun of 2.5 tflops in a worst case scenario, and most likely between 3.6 and 5.4 tflops.

Counts the imaginary neo and scorpio as new consoles that oversaturate the market for devs, when devs are most likely to ignore the extra hardware of new models that won't give them any extra customers and instead support the new console, NX.

If Xbox whatever is a new console instead of a new model and is getting releasing late 2017 (far more likely and intelligent than a new model of x1), so what? It will be the first NX competitor in the 9th gen race, released a little later than NX. When did that happen before? oh, right. EVERY GEN EVER. New console starts the gen, competitors follow. And what will determine the victor is always a mix of games, price, features and marketing, but mostly games.

And just a reminder that if we do get new models of ps4 and/or x1 that have better hardware, the extra power will mean nothing compared to NX even if sony and MS go full crazy and make them more powerful and expensive than NX. That's because the extra power can't be used without screwing ps4 and x1 custumers, not while they are models of ps4 and x1 instead of new systems.