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Ljink96 said:

I'm still trying to grasp why they thought R&C needed a movie in the first place. I mean, the series is popular, but not enough that it warrants ventures into multimedia. Disney has a huge following, even their flops are considered a success. They're not on their level.

The problem isn't that Ratchet was chosen here, it's WHO chose to try to make the film. According to Insomniac, they've been working for half a decade on getting a Ratchet movie to happen because Ratchet, if any game franchise could do so, has some of the best odds at casual market success. I mean the games are CALLED Pixar games for God's sake! All you need is good direction and animation and you're set. 


(Guess what the movie didn't have.)


That said it's still the second best game movie made to date, behind Phoenix Wright. It's not by any means bad, it's just insanely underbudgeted ($15m is the number thrown around, and with that budget it's legitimately a miracle the film was even finished). I blame Rainmaker fully for expecting such a huge profit though. They were expecting a $60m turnaround on a release they knew was lacking, with a release date timed the week before Civil War. 

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