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shams said:

Aren't there two games downloadable PS3 titles?

Super Stardust HD


IMO, if you start including these - include ALL downloadable titles (VC, XBLA) for all platforms.

Which leaves these PS3 exclusives...?

Heavenly Sword
Ninja Gaiden Sigma


(and wasn't Heavenly Sword confirmed to be delayed? to Oct or Nov?)

Not trying to bash the PS3 - just trying to establish the facts :)


And that leaves one PS3 exclusive - LAIR - and a port of a Xbox title (NGS).



Warhawk is also sold as a boxed game.

To be honest I think it's unfair to compare Warhawk with a VC title, they're worlds apart. Does Half-Life 2 not count because you can buy it over Steam? I think it's fair to have Warhawk on this list.

Never even heard of Super Stardust HD though 



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