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He is much of the same as the last few presidents before him in terms of actions. There is nothing radically different about him. He's a warmonger who likes to spy on Americans, overspend, and mandate how we should live our lives. He is okay (but not excellent) on a few things like free-speech, federalist drug policy, and something else I am probably forgetting. As far as race-relations go, he isn't really an African-American (in a ethnicity sense, his father was Kenyan and his mother German-American) and therefore hasn't really done much to help them. You would think with an African-American wife she would pressure him to do more. Ending the drug-war, reducing police militarization, and setting an example for a cohesive family in the African-American community could've done much good for them. Instead race relationships are quite hostile right now in the U.S, and Obama decides instead that he wants to focus on non-existent issues like gun control at gun shows - as if that is the cause of all of our violent crime woes.

Unfortunately, both of his potential replacements are probably worse than him. I'd probably slightly support Trump more because I think he has potential to destroy the system. We know what we get with Hillary, and it is more of the same shitty policies that the U.S has been doing since WWII, and very emphatically so since Reagan.