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Soundwave said:

I think he'll be remembered more fondly, namely for

1.) Bin Laden is dead.

2.) We have a deal with Iran, which is far better I think than the hostile relationship of the last 30 years. While some criticize the deal, it finally opens diplomatic channels to Iran, giving them a taste of sweet oil revenues and a break from crippling sanctions, I think they will find life is better to play ball with the US than to go back to how things used to be which weren't good for anyone.

3.) We dropped the stupid embargo on Cuba stemming from the 1960s. Way past overdue. Americans will be able to holiday there soon, American companies will be able to do business there.

4.) There's been by and large no major terror attack on US soil, nothing remotely close to 9/11.

5.) US is largely energy independent, something unheard of 10-15 years ago. Price of gas is lower.

6.) Marijuana is on the path way to begin legal. Overdue.

7.) Gay marriage. Whatever, but I think you weren't going to stop people from being gay, so if they want to get married have at it.

8.) Didn't get baited into what would've been an unending war in Syria by Saudi Arabia like Bushes would have. US distancing themselves from Saudi Arabia in general he should be lauded for, unlike previous presidents that bent over backwards for them.

9.) Millions more people have health insurance today in America than 8 years ago largely because of Obamacare.

10.) The economy while not perfect has largely recovered from the catastrophic collapse of 2008. GDP is back above 2% which isn't worth throwing a party over but is in the healthy range and there's been no other similar type of economic collapse under his 8 year term. Stock market and value of American companies have risen steadily since 2008.

US has had fucked up race relations from its onset, no president was changing that. The onus on the president to suddenly stop people from being racist is stupid.

Pretty much this. His last 2 years have been great for his administration.


The race relations issue is interesting because its been intensified due to people finally talking about it openly. Maybe nothing to do with him per say but its actually a good thing.