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He was brought up to be the force of change we needed in the USA. We wanted very much for Obama to be the one to make things okay. Everyone was a champion for Barack, be it the media in all outlets(e.i. the ones that are doing it for Trump now) or your uninformed friend who just wanted something different. It wasn't a win for the Democrats, it wasn't a win for politics, it wasn't even a win for the right cause. What it was was a win for everyone who wanted a black president. It was a win for everyone who wanted something different.

Did we get the change? Has everything become better? Has Barack become the herald angel we thought he would be? Frankly, no. As a president, his time was spent mainly being mediocre. He kept his promise of pulling our troops back, which was one of his platforms while running, but it was inevitable with the public opinion after almost a decade of war.

But the media kept at it. Obama could not falter in the eyes of the majority of media outlets. Even when he failed, he was cool. He was always the one that gave a peace sign after every hip interview. He was always the one to go to the Daily show and continue his aura of suave. He was always hip to the times. He even dropped the mic. All of which hid the facade that he was simply mediocre.

But, mediocre or not, he was the best choice in a time where the old white men no longer could win presidency. All in all, despite the media juggernaut that blew Obama to the moon, despite his mediocrity; I just can't imagine another old white man in the last 8 years. Obama, like him or not, has served his purpose. Me thinks.